The Raku Conference Sponsors — 2021

Gold Sponsor

Why sponsoring?

The event is online, and it is free for the attendees. Nevertheless, there are lots of small and big expenses that we need to cover somehow. For example, a second internet connection to ensure it is stable on the day of the event, a lot of time invested in preparing and running the conference, costs for developing and hosting the site, costs for Zoom subscription, as well as investing in some new hardware. All that is a pleasure, but it will be even a stronger pleasure if the participants and the sponsors help to cover that.

Sponsor benefits

— Logo and information on the conference website and on all our social media.

— Rotating the logo on the video stream during the talks.

— A short video about the sponsor between the talks.


A separate invitation for those who want to sponsor printing (and sending!) the T-shirts. Currently, we are going to allow everyone to print their own T-shirt, but you can bring a huge improvement if you cover the cost of printing and sending them Worldwide.

Talk to us

Consider sponsoring The Raku Conference? That’s great to hear! Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss the possibilities.