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What is the Raku Conference

The Raku Conference 2022 is the second conference entirely dedicated to the 🦋 Raku programming language.

This year, it takes place online on August 13–14, 2022 (Saturday–Sunday). Still hoping that next year we’ll meet offline.

Call for participation

Registration to the conference is open! To attend the event, please register at this very website. If you are already registered, log in to your account. You can find all information about your participation, your talks, etc. at your ’My Conference’ page.

After logging in, get your ticket.

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Call for talks

Submit your talks! There are a few different formats that you can choose from. These include:

It is up to you to decide if you want to pre-record a talk or if you want to give it live. In either case, make sure to appear online after your talk to have an online QA session.

Submit your talks before August 1. If you choose to pre-record it, we expect you to send us the file file before August 7.

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Talk recordings

All the talks will be later published on YouTube. As a speaker, you may refuse to do it, but why should you?

Social media

The official Facebook page is

Conference’s Twitter account:

Telegram group:


The conference will be streamed to Zoom and YouTube simultaneously. Question-and-answer sessions after the talks will be in Zoom.

— As an attendee, you watch the talks in Zoom or on YouTube.

— As a speaker after the talk, you connect to the main room in Zoom.

— A pre-recorded talk is streamed to both Zoom and YouTube as usual.

— For you as an advertiser or sponsor, your ads will be integrated into both streams.

There may be some changes in the above schema.

Sponsoring the event

Although the event is free for everyone, it is still a lot of efforts to organise, plan, and run it. You can help to cover the costs by buying a ticket or by becoming a sponsor. As a sponsor, you have the right to embed your commercial ads to video streams.

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Contact the organisers

You can always reach the organisers by sending an e-mail to [email protected].