Postmodernism, futurism, and Raku

JJ Merelo — 45 minutes

Language shapes thought, and the first collective that discovered that were artists, who through experimentation and learning, eventually created an almost infinite palette of languages to express the exterior and the inner world, space and time.
Programmimng languages have largely eschewed that process, to evolve iteratively without big manifestos or revolutions, and with relatively little introspection; that lack of introspection extends to the concept of language itself, which usually means syntax or interpreter, but which was extended by Larry Wall in 1999 to include many other things.
That possibly made Perl the first consciously posmodern language; however, he himself stated that Perl could only take you so far. We needed Raku to realize a fully postmodern language.
In this talk, which is 1/3% art, 1/3% philosophy, 1/3 programming, and 100% Raku, we will talk about what makes a language postmodern, what makes postmodern language more fitting to the modern world, what are the implications in learning how to program, and if there are some cracks that needs to be filled in the language. Which of course Raku will do using beautiful kintsugi.

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computer science, programming languages
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45 minutes
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