Learning Raku From Inside Out

Vadim Belman — 240 minutes

In this class I expect attendees to know some basics of Raku or, at least, of Perl. Because this is not about teaching how to `my $sum = $a + $b`, but about what happens behind the scenes of this statement. Roughly, the subjects I plan to cover are:

- how variables are implemented
- why everything is an object and how it may surprise sometimes
- argument passing
- compile or interpret?
- Rakudo: compile your own compiler
- etc.

The actual plan is not going to be cast in stone. If a good question would re-route us into the unknown then let it be so! The priority is to let you use Raku more consciously.

Talk tags
Raku, MOP, internals
Target audience
Talk duration
4 hours (class)
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