Raku v6.e Governance – Brainstorming Session

Daniel Sockwell — 45 minutes

Raku is a self-governing language community. In practice, this means
that we use a variety of processes to govern ourselves, including:
• contributor commits and PRs – AKA, $thing-get-done if ?$someone.does-the-work;
• The Problem Solving repo/process
• The Raku Steering Council
• The Raku Community Affairs Team
• Rakudo maintainers/developers
• Larry Wall invoking Rule One (in theory)

These governance methods – like all alternatives – trade different goals
off against one another (e.g., consensus-building vs. fast decisions).
Maybe Raku strikes this balance correctly, maybe incorrectly, or maybe
in a previously-correct way that has become incorrect as our community
has grown and changed. As we near the release of Raku v6.e and the new
RSC elections that come with it, it's worth reevaluating how Raku govern
itself and considering how our process can be improved.

In this brainstorming session, I'll talk for ~5 minutes, mostly to
describe Raku's current governance process(es). Then we'll open the
floor up to anyone who has ideas about flaws in our current process or
goals that the v6.e process should prioritize. In this brainstorming
session, no ideas are out of bounds and participants will be expected to
refrain from criticizing each other's ideas.

The brainstorming session will be recorded but – in the interest of
encouraging a frank discussion – it won't be posted to YouTube.
Instead, after the Raku Conference, I'll write up a summary of the
discussion (without any names) and the RSC will post the summary publicly.

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45 minutes
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