Raku Conference Talks — 2023

Raku In A Real Life Work Project — Vadim Belman, 45 minutes; cancelled

A Stateless Quiz System — Arne Sommer, 20 minutes; cancelled

The Nine Billion Names of God — Arne Sommer, 20 minutes; cancelled

So you wanted to teach programming to your niece, but she doesn't know English — Elizabeth Mattijsen, 5 minutes; accepted

Welcome to the Raku Conference 2023 — Andrew Shitov, 5 minutes; accepted

Ecosystem champions, cherry-picked — Márton Polgár, 5 minutes; accepted

Reclaiming what is rightfully ours - renovation in Raku land — Márton Polgár, 45 minutes; accepted

Raku v6.e Governance – Brainstorming Session — Daniel Sockwell, 45 minutes; accepted

Mind-bending Moments in Hacking RakuAST — John Haltiwanger, 45 minutes; accepted

Raku Steering Council Q&A — Elizabeth Mattijsen, 20 minutes; accepted

Write clearer code by putting it in order — Daniel Sockwell, 45 minutes; accepted

Raku Distribution Best Practices — tony o'dell, 20 minutes; accepted

Integrating Large Language Models with Raku — Anton Antonov, 45 minutes; accepted

Not using if blocks, and other Raku idioms — Leon Timmermans, 20 minutes; accepted

Asynchronous and abstract database adventures — Leon Timmermans, 45 minutes; accepted

History and future of FET — Fernando Corrêa de Oliveira, 20 minutes; accepted

RakuDoc and Raku Documentation — Richard Hainsworth, 45 minutes; accepted

ChatGPT as your buddy — Andrew Shitov, 20 minutes; accepted

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